Friday, February 11, 2011

My Netbook

Today room thirteen had their netbook. The netbook needs to take charge first. Mrs Burt came in with a trolley that was full of netbooks that had our name on it. We were so full of excitement. Then Mrs Burt came to the front with a paper in her hands and she started to talk about the netbook agreement. Mr Burt came in to talk about taking responsibility of our own netbook. Mrs he finished talking.then miss burt came up to talk about keeping it safe and responsibility. Then Burt then got a Netbook box and told us how to open it carefully. Then we had to open it. We saw our charger and we saw our netbook in this white packet of cloth. We had to take it out and then Mrs Burt told us what to do. We were told to open our netbook, we had to count down to ten before we turned the on Button. The whole class was Happy.


  1. Hi Josephine,

    I enjoyed reading your story about getting your netbook.
    Remember to check your post for spelling mistakes and capital letters.
    Keep it up.
    Miss King

  2. Hi Josephine!
    My name is Carly Pugh, and I am a student of the University of South Alabama studying to be a teacher. I have been assigned to comment on your wonderful blog as part of Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. Your blog post about getting the netbooks and learning how to use them goes great with what we are learning about. We are learning about how to incorporate technology into our classrooms. I am sure you were very excited to receive your netbook and are taking good care of it.
    I was very excited about getting assigned to read the blogs of a bunch of great students of New Zealand! What is your favorite thing about New Zealand; Pt. England in particular? Are there any questions that you have about America or our schools?
    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!
    Thanks, Josephine!