Monday, February 23, 2015

Fiction Diary- Fly with me to, Japan

Here is a little Diary Fiction to help me improve my writing. This writing was inspired by a book called " The Titanic " which was a diary based book. I look forward to making more of these!
         Tuesday- February 28th 2019- Arrival

My Aunty Carothene suggested I should keep a written record of my time here in Japan, which I happily accepted. Its my first time here, so i’ve never experienced any parts of the Japanese culture, so i think its great to write down a written record of the many adventures coming. Sadly, I won’t be here for long since I am still a year 12 and need to finish off school in New Zealand. As I am writing this, I’m starting to feel a bit numb. Maybe, i’m just too homesick or  actually sick. My flight here was very long, and I did endure it. My back started to hurt a lot so I had to stand up every 2 hours and sit back down. I’m still waiting for the arrival of my taxi, which I can see coming now. Catch you later! .


Its 9pm and I am still awake. But I must say, the view of  Yokohama is very amazing! I’ve never experienced something dashing and traditional like the Ashiteru Hotel! I’m not very use to luxurious and fancy hotels that cook small meals with expensive prices, but nothing beats the Ashiteru Hotel’s Teriyaki sushi!! And it only costed a few dollars and cents! Earlier, I was gifted a traditional floral mint green Kimono from the owner of the hotel followed by a “ it is my honor , to give you this in respect , foreigner“  greeting.  Agh! What a day to experience !

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