Thursday, March 5, 2015

Miss Peato's Birthday Surprise

Every morning the teachers are given a task to present notices coming ahead for the week. But something was different this morning. While Miss Peato was giving out notices to the students, Mr Wiseman suddenly started to play his guitar like nothing ever happened. I sat there wondering why he was playing his guitar, especially in the middle of  Miss Peato’s notices and I think Miss Peato thought the same. As Mr Wiseman was playing the guitar to some sort of song, he threw a really big grin at the green room door. Miss Peato couldn’t help but giggle at his surprising act.

I noticed that there was something missing too. I looked around the room only to see a street with a few missing teachers. “ What is even happening? “ I thought. Mr Wiseman started to kick the green room door behind Miss Peato. Immediately, I heard a few shakers and instruments playing.  Suddenly - out of nowhere- the teachers were singing happy birthday to Miss Peato. Finally! I knew what this whole thing was actually about! It was Miss Peato’s birthday. Still, there was question buzzing in my mind - how old is she? Nothing gave me a clue. Not even the candle on the cake.

“ Happy birthday to you “ chanted the teachers as they wore colourful leis around their neck with smiles planted above their chin. “ Happy birthday Miss Peato “ the teachers continued while they placed a cake in front of Miss Peato. Miss Peato’s reaction was quite surprising. A blush grew on Miss Peato’s cheek during their time singing. The Year 7 & 8’s couldn’t help but sing along too. “ Happy long life to you! Happy long life to you “ the teachers said aloud again. “ Blow out the cakes! “ reminded Miss Tele’a as she clapped along with the song. I was truly amazed at how the teachers had set up the birthday surprise.

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