Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our Video Conference With An Elementary School From Hawaii 😊

On the 24th of March, the Hokule'a crew will take voyage to our Point England beach. Our Manaiakalani cluster has been very prepared for this event, as this is very crucial for us. We have prepared our chants, waiatas and mihis to present to them. It is very interesting how they are using a traditional navigation to come to the Point England beach, which is a very amazing thing!

There are many things that we are very grateful for in this world. One of them is technology. It helps us to connect with others around the world and develop new skills in our learning too. This morning, the year 7 & 8 extension crew were very fortunate to have a video conference with a school in Hawaii, Kea'au Elementary school and Nanakuli Elementary. We shared many things about our school to them. Such as, our technology learning and many things about the Glenn Innes Community.

The extension group were very interested in how the Kea'au Elementary school develop their learning and many more. I was mostly interested in their school trips. They get to go on a trip to the Tsunami Museum which is dedicated to the people that died from the Tsunami that had hit most of the east cost on the big island back in 1946.

It's weird how - just from a video conference, we learnt a lot from 2 different schools. It was really nice to see that they had set up a presentation and a movie to share with us about their schools and a little bit about their daily activities. One of my favourite things that I had learnt from that presentation and movie is that they are made up of many different cultures, like us. It was a very long experience talking to 3 different teachers from two different school at the same time. But it was worth the time talking and collaborating into their learning.  I look very forward to connecting with them again.

 😍 Here is a few links to their A M A Z I N G blog sites    :

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