Sunday, August 30, 2015


Yesterday afternoon, Room 3 got the chance to participate in an activity usually called as "Boot Camp". Every afternoon Friday, individual team 5 classes get a chance to participate in boot camp that's usually managed by the training coach - Nickila. Boot Camp basically focuses on keeping students like us fit and' physical for the year.

Room 3 had finally made their arrival to the courts with nothing but being nervous. We were welcome to sit down on the courts while she announced the few instructions we needed to do. We were very fortunate to have the sun out to keep us warm during this fitness time. Nickila first set us all up into partners, from there we all had to get in one line with our partners. Our challenge was to get our partner to run up and down the court, while the others either do ' 5 burpees/ 10 squats or 15 push ups '  .  It was a very tough challenge and my partner and I only lasted 5 minutes! 5 minutes!

Our next challenge was to get in to three groups and we were set up to go to an individual station. My groups first station was having to do lunges for 1 minute. I know that seems short, but it was harder than you thought!!! My thighs were hurting and my calves too. Our next station was the "Mountain Climber" station. Where we had to get into a push up position and move our legs as if we were climbing a mountain. The last station was similar to the mountain climbing one. Except, we had to hold ourselves. That was the most challenging one we had to be honest.

Boot Camp is something that lots of our junior kids can look forward too. It's great for children who would like to develop a special sports talent. All though it is hard and sweaty, it all become worth it!

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