Friday, October 16, 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 4 2015

Every start of the term, our school gather in the hall for an immersion assembly. Immersion assembly is where teachers dress up in costumes related to our topic and perform an item or present a movie about what they’ll be learning about this term. What is our topic this term? Our school topic is Survivor.  

We are learning overall about the living world and how to adapt to survive. For me , this happens to be one of the most exciting topics of the year because, in our team we are learning about different countries and the way they adapt to survive!

The morning started off with a warm welcome greeting from Mr Burt. We were very lucky to have the sun out.  Everyone looked anxious to see the team items. I turned my head around to see what the teachers were wearing. They looked very amazing and some even had tutus, even Mr Blakley. The hall was full of excitement.

Our first item was from Team 1. The teachers had worn shirts with our school topic printed on them.  I was surprised that there was no item from them. The teachers had chosen a few students to participate in their Karaoke to Katy Perry’s roar. Most of the other teams had great movies/performances and their focus looked very exciting. Lots of them were learning about dinosaurs and habitats! How amazing is that!

My favorite item was from team 5 because their performance was very understandable and funny too. The teachers all dressed up and acted in individual countries. They were playing the game show ‘survivor’.  Their goal was to try and adapt to survive.  

The first game they did was eating noodles with chopsticks, which obviously Miss Clark won. You could tell by the chopsticks that were placed on her head. Miss Clark is from Tibet, which is also an Asian culture! And in Asian cultures they use chopsticks to eat.

Since this is the last term of the year, I noticed that this was our last immersion assembly ever.  So far during my time at Point England I have enjoyed lots of immersion assemblies and so far this was one of the best.  Hopefully this is something that can carry on for history!

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  1. Fantastic recount Josephine! It's clear and includes interesting words and feelings. I love that your favourite part was Team 5s :) that was my favourite too. Keep up the good work.