Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Missing Headphones

Missing Headphones

8pm Saturday Night,
I sat in the car listening to my favorite music with my headphones plugged into my ears from my phone. I actually felt happy and calm listening to the different types of artists such as Tori Kelly, Beyonce and even Drake.

To make it even more better the lights of the streets looked beautiful and suited the nights sky. I was with my mum, driving on our way home from a long day at the hospital. We had been visiting my uncle.

When we made our way home I placed my headphones on the nearest couch to the door and made my way to my room. To my surprise my older brother and his partner had arrived with dinner. We all sat together, ate and started to talk and laugh as usual. I felt very content.  

It was then time for my brother to go back home. He had picked up some new clothes that was brought by my dad for him on the couch next to the couch I had my headphones on.  I didn’t even think about him taking my headphones away, since he did lose his phone. I sat there watching television for a good 20 minutes. Then it came to a point where I felt tired and exhausted.

I grabbed my phone and charged it up while I layed out my clothes for church the next day. At this moment, I was still calm and happy but tired.  Then I walked into the living room to collect my headphones and place them in my draw.

To my shocking surprise, I had noticed nothing was there! So, I rushed myself around the house eager to find my headphones. My parents started to get annoyed at the fact that I had asked them about several times in one hour.
The next thing that was missing, was my happiness and calm emotions. It had all splattered all over the floor and my emotions were replaced with anger, worry and sadness. I had searched under the chairs, under the tables and even behind the tv.

I stopped, sat down and tried to trace my footsteps. Then I had thought of my brother collecting the clothes from the couch. Maybe he could’ve taken it. Because my brother could take anything.

I had then texted my brother if he had the headphones, and in relief, he said yes. The next day, we went to go pick up my headphones, which were still in good condition. And I enjoyed another nice ride with music in my ears.

This gives me a lesson, of telling myself where to put things. Especially when guests arrive. No matter how small it or big it is, it needs to be put in the right place. Another example is remembering where you put your stuff because this can help you find what you're missing.

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