Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Amazing Race

“What team are you in?” “What do you think we’re gonna do?” “I honestly can’t wait!” Chatter started to fill up our whole street and there was no sign of shut lips. Everyone seemed to be excited that they just couldn’t stop talking or moving and you’d probably wonder why.

Earlier that morning, to our surprise, it was announced by Mrs Tele’a that we were going to have an amazing race after morning tea. “Okay, shhh, shhh.” Mrs Tele’a said, capturing the year 7 and 8’s attention.

There was a timetable displayed on the projector for all the groups and events that were going to happen. Just before morning tea, every teacher wrote on the board what groups we were in.

This was based on who we could work well with. I was placed in a group with 6 girls including me (Ana, Jordenne, Hannah,Jennifer, Angelina). After Mrs Tele’a had introduced all the different events happening, she then sent us off to our first challenges.

‘Room 3 1A’ was the name of my group and our first challenge was called the ‘brain bust’ which was taken care of by Miss Fuamatu. This challenge was set on knowledge and on how well we know things.

My group sat together on one table, eagerly waiting for the papers with questions to arrive. Miss Fuamatu started off the challenge by letting us know some instructions.

Finally, the papers were handed out and we all started to hunch over the paper, focused on the questions. I’d  have to say that this was one of the hardest challenges we had faced.

Unfortunately, out of the whole 15 minutes my group had only reached 50 points since we did only get one question right. Everyone had different reactions to the points they had gotten, some had happy, sad, and some were even in rage.

Luckily we were given extra points for departure and arrival. My favorite challenge was the photo booth challenge set by Mrs Tele’a. It had already looked exciting before we even did the challenge, due to the different colourful costumes that were laid out on the tables.

The aim for this activity was to be creative in our thinking and think of the many poses we could come up with. Our first station was the hat station. It was fun dressing our heads in flowers, hats, and even wigs too!

As Mrs Tele’a came by with the ipad, my group started to practice our poses. We had an idea of pretending to scare someone with our crazy hats. The street was full of amusement.

My group was lucky enough to score 100 points including arrival and departure. My group seemed to be ready and excited for our next challenge which was the cookie face activity!

As we walked through the street on our way to the cookie face challenge , we were able to see different groups doing their challenges. We even saw people eating spaghetti mixed with fruits and all sorts of odd stuff.

Once we reached the shade outside on the courts, we noticed a big board with lots of pictures. The pictures included cookies, smiley faces and even people attempting to do the cookie challenge. All of the teams sat together in their groups, facing Ms Flavelle for instructions.

The focus for this activity was to place a cookie on our forehead and attempt to put the cookie in our mouth with no sign of hands. This was a very challenging part of the amazing race. After announcing instructions, she then handed the cookies to us, which we then placed on our forehead.  

I could already feel the crumbles from the cookie falling out of place on my face. It was really distracting. “And... go!” Ms Flavelle shouted in excitement. In straight action, I moved my eyebrows up and down, trying to make an effort of getting the cookie at least down to my cheek.

Successfully, the cookie slowly made its way down to the apple of my cheek leaving leftover crumbles behind. I attempted to reach my tongue out, aiming for the cookie, eagerly hoping to at least have the cookie in my mouth. Unfortunately, I failed the attempt.

 The cookie fell out of place, and slipped its way down to the concrete. It then went in shambles, only leaving nothing but little bits of cookie.

The amazing race challenge is definitely a way to face challenges with people you get along with. Along the way, you get to find out new things and have fun at the same time! This is an activity, I would definitely do again, but maybe we could add even more fun stuff! But all that’s important, is that I got to face the challenges with my friends.

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