Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

One blustery afternoon Room 13 went outside to play Aussie  Rules with 2 expert coaches,their names were Alysa and Megan.

Our first skill we learnt was to do a quick warm up called the Bumper Jumper.First you hop on one leg then you get your partner so close and try to bump them, to make her stand on two feet. I lost against Ana!

“Now come to the floor” shouted Megan  and Alysa. Our next skill was bouncing the ball. In Aussie Rules in order to run, you have to bounce the ball - so we had to practice. It’s harder than it looks. Our first attempt was to bounce the ball while on our knees. Next we tried standing, then walking, finally running. I struggled to get it right.

Then we did an activity called kick baseball, we got into teams.when I got the ball I did a short kick so it was a really tough kick.That was not very good at all for my team,It  was so frustrating after all.At least we won the game.     

Doing Aussie Rules skills with Megan and Alysa was very fun and cool. We really did some great work with them and I look forward to learning more.

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