Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Que Rico! Alfarjarcitos son lo mejor!.

Room 13 made some delicious Alfajorcitos, they come from Argentina. Alfajorcitos are popular because they are yummy and kids love them so much.

First of all Miss King got everything settled for the class.she gave out the biscuits,plates,knifes,coconut and last of all the dulce de leche .

Then we had the knife to spread dulce de leche on the biscuits. and got some caramel to spread it with our knife , after that we squashed the biscuits together. We rolled edges of the alfajorcitos into the plate of coconut and then we were ready to eat. Eating the alfarjorcitos was absolutely delicious.

This experience has taught me alot of things about Argentina and shows me that I have done heaps.


  1. hello Josephine I read your story about your class room making something yummy . I sound so yummy to my friends and my class room. I love your story very much.

    1. Hi sarona its Josephine. thanks for the tastey comment. Hope yu have a tasty day with urclass too. thanks