Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cross country!

What did you do on Wednesday?

At Point England Reserve we did cross country,I was so excited while I was sitting on the field.

Nervously waiting my heart felt really pumped ,I felt really scared That I had temper,getting started was really scary Because I thought that I was going to lose.

I heard Mr Burt saying "on you marks,get set , GO".I ran really fast to get through people,while running my heart was pounding so fast that I lost Breath.While going through bridges I saw miss squires capturing photo’s of people running by .

At the end of the race I was exhausted,Then I saw miss king capturing photo’s too,But didn’t really matter at all.I was almost there ,So I ran so quick trying to get to the finish line.

Cross country was fun because we running so hard that we lost our breath.Next year my goals are never giving up at any time.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Josephine,

    I really loved your story. It was amazing.

    Keep it up!!!