Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Arriving in New Zealand!

My Mum's little sister Ann and I:

My baby cousin Mele and my big brother Uoka:  
As you can see . I look a little weird because I messed up my hair from sleeping! Anyway, you can see that I am bought back to happiness. With lots of memories from Samoa. Wow! I've got a lot to write in the holidays. GO! GO! GO!


  1. Hey Josephine,
    It feels good to know that you are back in safely. I really felt worried, ever since I heard about the Cycolone I was really worried. But now I see that you are back in safely I don't need to worries no more..... Did you get me a Bracelet with my name on it. Just Jokes.

    Keep Writing More!

    1. Oh, thanks for the comment! And yes I did get something for you, from the capital city apia! Luckily I got there AFTER the cyclone.