Monday, March 17, 2014

Boer Letter

- Date 1899 , 11th of october.
- Location , South Africa , Cape Town .
-  Event, Boer War

Dear Family,

It seems to be the war has already started.  Tonight I don’t feel like eating  since my foot is diagnosed with a trench disease. The war nurses are looking after me well. I should be back on my sore feet by tomorrow. The weather is really bad here, so far I can thunder through my ears. Mother and Father please look after eveybody well , while I am gone there is nobody to look after me but my self. So please stay strong. Everyday the war will get more serious and more serious.

Seddon wanted us to be the first to reach south africa. You may not know this , but some of my fellow friends were very serious about this war, they hastily gathered all the equipments. I am very lucky to be here , its been tiring training too much in such little time.  I am hoping that my queen is happy like I am as I am serving on her behalf. Thank you for helping me come here, If I wasn’t accepted to this war , where would I be? Tomorrow will be even harder , my trench foot hurts ! Seddon served us dinner, but like I said, I can’t eat. He gave us cheese and raw meat.  Our guns are set up and the nurses are getting their sleep. Well, Im feeling sleepy , Goodbye!

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