Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Going To Experience Education At The Alluring Viaduct Events Centre

 ( When we made it to the Festival )
 ( Lesieli and Iron) 

 (Filming And Editing Our Movies)

( Mary and I ) Saturday 22nd of March marked the day, of when the Point England extension group went to the Viaduct Event centre to celebrate the Festival of education. During the Festival the extension group got to work with Meredith and John . Our task was to go around different booths , interviewing people about what their ambition is and what their job is. But . . . we had to choose a partner! So , I chose Iron as my companion. As we walked through different booths it was so hard to find somebody to interview because almost everything was interesting but we couldn’t do everything at once.

Suddenly my companion and I stopped at a interesting booth , it was a hairdressers booth. Iron and I hastily gathered up our ipads and plugged in our microphone. We formally asked the 2 ladies , if they could spare time for an interview. Their names were Vivienne and Marita. We tried to keep our questions as interesting as possible. Vivienne and Marita’s answers , were really inspiring! We asked them , ‘ What inspired you to be a hairdresser? ‘ and ‘ What are your next goals? ‘.  

After a few other interviews , we went back to the rest of the group to edit our movies! We connected the Ipad into the television, the lucky thing was that the t.v screen was ( i think) hooked onto the wall, so I think almost everybody could see it.  We thought we needed more footage , so we interviewed a worker named Megan , I’m pretty sure she had the most amazing job. Her job included working at microsoft! Woah, she must get paid lots! After our interview , we were lucky enough to fill in a survey for a chocolate bar! The questions included ‘ What type of microsoft we use? ‘ and ‘ Do we work on android? ‘

Mrs Tele’a and Miss Va’afusuaga , Meredith and John took us upstairs to experience the other half of the festival. We went in to a big meeting room , where lots of adults  were talking about education. After that, we went downstairs to see the St. Pauls samoan group perform their item. Unfortunately by the time we got there, the item was finished. There was no chance of us going back upstairs so we went back to our area and suddenly the St. Pauls group were performing again but outside though. Without delay , Iron got the ipad and power walked out the entrance. Luckily we got some footage of their special haka! It was amazing.

We went back inside, our tummy’s started to rumble!  Fortunately Mrs Tele’a gave us vouchers for the food trucks. As we went outside , there were three trucks Sushi truck, Wild food and the pita pit truck. It was mostly alluring and absorbing. I was mainly attracted to the sushi truck. I had 4 big sushi pieces , and a smoothie of course. Subsequently we went back inside to get the finishing touches of our movie.

An hour later , we got to show our favorite clips to the audience. Iron and I chose our first interview because it was really memorable to us. The hardest thing was saying goodbye to Meredith and John , they rewarded us with some new edition headphones! Overall it was a really great and fun time getting to know new people and getting to discover new stuff. It was really marvellous! Thanks to everybody at the Festival Of Education , especially John and Meridith, Mrs Tele'a and Miss Va'afusuaga!

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