Friday, March 14, 2014


Fiafia is a cultural event at our school which happens every year! Every year our family’s come and watch us perform our item. Not just to watch us but to also enjoy time with friends and others. So far we have been focusing on our items. Why is this happening? Every start of the year we have fiafia, to show traditional cultures that are in our school. This year my tutor is priscilla and she is teaching us a traditional tongan dance , which is simple and very fun to learn and dance to.  This year my goal for Fiafia is to listen carefully to my tutor. This is a really good celebration for our school, in fact almost all the schools around New Zealand do the same thing. This is to engage different cultures in school.

Practices are sometimes difficult for me and sometimes really fun for me.  So far, I missed one practice and suddenly I am hoping ( fingers crossed ) that the next practice will be simple for me . Fiafia can be really busy these days when you have sports sometimes coming in the way of Fiafia. This year for Fiafia has been a challenge. Our tutor is a very busy lady she has a little baby boy to look after and us to look after and teach , so on thursdays things get really complicated for her. This year I am in the tongan group and we are almost done with our item.

My experiences from Fiafia so far have been really outstanding, I have been learning so many about culture dances throughout practices and tutors. Last year was the 60th anniversary and to make Fiafia special Mr Jacobson  (with some help from a few men) built a stage on the top of the field it was amazing.  I can’t wait for Fiafia to happen.

My goal for this years Fiafia is to finish things off properly , focus on my item and also my hard working tutor. I am really hoping that everything at Fiafia turns out well. Especially the weather since the event is an ‘outdoor event’. Being in the tongan group is new for me sometimes the actions are difficult. But most of all I am really excited for Fiafia!

( photo from Fiafia 2013)

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