Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiafia reflection.

Fiafia is one of the greatest experiences of the year.  Why? Because we get to engage in other cultures, get together and meet new friends. April 9th marked a crucial day.  It was Fiafia! Of course it had some really memorable highlights. 

One of the greatest highlights was obviously performing. By the time we had to get changed, I think our outfits were the hardest to put on in my opinion. It was very tiring. When we got ready we had to put on the lava - lava  around our body and cover it with a Tupenu (a type of garment that goes around your waist).  The most fun part was having slippery oil all around your body .

While watching other performances we mostly enjoyed seeing the Samoan senior group. Their dance really got me hooked.  Just right after the Tongan juniors performed it was our turn. 

As we got up onto the stage I could hear lots of cheers , and it made me  more and more shy. From the start of our dance to the end I mostly enjoyed all of it. As we went off I was really hungry so  I got a Otai (watermelon drink)and some steak rolls  to eat with Ana . It was amazing. We enjoyed most of the dances, but especially our food.

Overall, Fiafia was a really great experience. I really hope that there is another Fiafia next year. I would give a rating for fiafia of 1,000,000/ out of 10. My favourite highlight was performing. The worst part, was watching the last few performances  because it was so sad seeing the Fiafia almost finish. But mostly I really really had a great time.  Thanks to the people that set up Fiafia and have been hosting it too.

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