Monday, December 1, 2014

My Design Of My Tattoo

 Here is a presentation showing you tattoos that I have drew to show the many things that represent me and my background.


The extension crew have been focusing on the samoan tatau for the past few weeks. Mrs Tele’a sent us a task to draw two separate tattoos that represent ‘me ‘ and my background! Each of the detail I used in my tattoos is to represent something. Mrs Tele’a has helped us by leaving some questions that could help us with our tattoo.


  1. Malo lava Josephine. I'm glad to read of the new understanding your now have from our learn, create and share activities we've had in class this term. I really enjoyed reading what you shared about the quote or saying your family uses. This is certainly something to hold onto as you travel through the future years. I'm looking forward to seeing you do even more in the new year. Malo lava Josephine.

  2. A very thoughtful project you have completed here Josephine. Thank you for sharing some of what is personal and valuable to your and your family. These truths will certainly hold you in good stead. Malo lava le faasoa.