Thursday, December 4, 2014


This Term, Point England School are studying Art Attack as our topic. As the term is almost coming to an end, class 2 were fortunate enough to go to the Tetuhi Art Gallery down in Pakuranga. And I'd have to say it was a morning full of experience! Walking into the Tetuhi Art Gallery, I was firstly amazed by the different Art displayed on the walls. We luckily had someone guide us, Jeremy. He led us to the Art room and our task was to create a tapa design. Again, I was amazed by the nice pieces of art that were displayed on the walls of the room. I saw paper-made shoes dangling from the ceiling as I walked in.

Sitting down on the table, I noticed containers of dye and ink placed in front of me. I grew excitement! Our first instruction was to crinkle the paper. I'd have to say that was not my favorite. The paper wasn't any normal paper, it was actually a machine made paper which felt kind of hard. The next task was to rub the side of the pastels onto the squares of the paper. Than we got to the fun part. Jeremy handed all of us big paint brushes to add dark brown dye onto our crinkled paper. After the dye dried up, we were all given pencils. Our task was to draw 4 symbols that represent us ( interest, culture, home and family ) I'd have to say I was really proud of my work! Lastly we had to get a small paint brush and paint some brown ink onto parts of our art.

Overall my trip at Te Tuhi was a great experience! I really do hope we get to go again next year. I learnt a lot of things. Like knowing how to put dye on paper correctly and how to make a tapa design as well. I do recommend going there!
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