Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Badminton soccer with lorene and donnah

My hand swung back and forth to take control of the racket. I served the shuttle over my head with an especially powerful hit. My partner hit the shuttle back at me with an awkward ping, so I ran back and forth trying to hit the shuttle over to her side.

Trick shots were a little tough to use. I gasped as I almost did the under leg trick, but it didn’t matter, I could try this challenge again. “It must be the hardest trick of all time”.

While I was pivoting ,the instructor gave me a few tips as she was walking by. So I started to use her cool tips to impress her. I concentrated on the great things she had told me and it wasn’t so hard after all.

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  1. This is awesome Josephine, all your hard work has paid off and you are now writing really, really well. You have kept to the topic well and added some fantastic details. I am extremely proud of you :-) :-)

    Miss G :-)