Monday, August 19, 2013

Cinderella Moral

Once upon a time a girl named CInderella  lived with her mean stepmother and stepsisters. Her step sisters names were Drizella and Anastasia and they were very awful to Cinderella. Cinderella mostly did all the housework in the ouse , while the sisters pounced around the house and gave orders. One day a mysterious note came that the prince will be having a ball. Cinderella found the perfect dress ,  until her stepsisters and stepmother ruined it. Her fairy godmother found her crying. She put a spell on CInderella making her look very beautiful , but she warned her that it didn’t last till midnight. While dancing with the prince at the ball, the clock almost hit twelve. So she ran away , leaving her glass slipper behind. One morning the prince's servants came with the lost glass slipper seeing if it could fit the two sisters, it was too big. Then Cinderella came down and it made a perfect fit.  A few days later Cinderella got married to the prince.

The morale of the story is when you want something , you need to work hard and finish it off properly if you want it. Meaning that , for example, you wanted a new  game console, but your parents said no. You need to be nice to your family , do the chores and mostly be patient in your thinking.

Usually when I want to go somewhere with my friends for the week, I need to do my following chores, cook dinner help the family and then ask for it. This made my parents think about it, and so on I got to go. At school we need to show respect when we are in class, like if we want to take off our names from the bad list , we need to earn it by working hard in and outside class.

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