Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Retelling

Once upon a time there lived a prince’s daughter, with hair black as night and her skin as white and delicate as snow. She grew up happy and contented. Excluding her jealous stepmother .  Her hair was very long and her eyes were sea blue, and so they named her ‘ Snow white ‘ .  Everybody was really sure that she might become more beautiful looking.  All though her stepmother was very nefarious, she was beautiful as well , and the magic mirror often told her this daily , whenever she asked it.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the most loveliest lady of them all?” she would always ask . The reply was always , “You are, your majesty “ But this time it was very different, the mirror replied “ Snow white is the loveliest of them all” The nefarious mother was straight-away in uncontrollable anger! She was in rage. She began secretly planning something to get rid of Snow White.

Calling one of her trusty servants, she persuaded him with a reward of rich money  to get rid of Snow White in the forest far away from the castle so that she could never find her way back!  The servant led the ingenious little girl  into the forest . They came to a mortal spot, the servant murmured an excuse and then took off, Snow White was all alone in the forest , by herself.

When dawn fell , there was no sign of any servant  Snow White began to cry. She thought that there were wicked people watching over her, she heard weird sounds that made her heart thump. She became very exhausted and tired and curled herself up and slept under a shady tree.

Snow White lied down with lack of sleep, she kept on opening her eyes every minute. At last, dawn woke up the forest to the sound of birds and Snow White woke up too. However, the thick tree around her were like a trap so she tried to find her way out and where she was.

She saw a path and walked along it. On she walked till she came to a spot , where she saw a strange small cottage. Every feature in the house was tiny. Snow White opened the door.

“ I wonder who lives here ?” she said to herself. Looking around the kitchen. “ What small utensils and what small plates “ She said . Upstairs was 7 tiny beds so she was thinking that there were seven of them.  She came up with an idea, “ I’ll make them something to munch on , so when they get home they’ll be glad to see a meal all ready for them “  She said. At last, the seven dwarfs marched in singing their chants homewards. They opened the door , and to their great surprise they found a bowl of yummy hot soup on the table and the whole house was more clean than ever!

Snow White was fast asleep upstairs , on one of the beds. The chief dwarf poked her gently. “Who are you ?” He questioned. Snow White told them her sad story and tears were streaming down their eye . And one of the dwarfs said as he loudly blew his nose, “YOU CAN STAY HERE WITH US”

“Yaaayy” they cheered, dancing joyfully around Snow White. “You can live here with us , while we are down the mine, don’t worry about your stepmother , we will take care of you” One of the dwarfs said. Snow White thanked them for their help and support. The next morning the dwarfs were off to work, but they warned Snow White to NOT open the doors to strangers.

Meanwhile, the servant had returned to the castle with a heart of a roe deer. Lying to her saying that it belonged to Snow White so that he could claim the reward. She turned to the mirror and said “Mirror , Mirror on the wall who’s the loveliest of them all now?” “The loveliest in the land is still Snow White, she is in the seven dwarfs house” the mirror replied.

The stepmother was in uncontrollable anger. “ SHE MUST DIE, SHE MUST DIE!” She shouted. She applied makeup and dressed up as an old peasant lady, she put a poisoned apple in the basket. She took a shortcut through the forest and behind the dwarfs tree house unseen as Snow White waved goodbye to the dwarfs on their way to work.

Snow White was busy in the kitchen , suddenly she heard a knock on the door. “Who’s there?” she called suspiciously , remembering what the dwarfs said. “I am an old lady who wants to give out apples”  she replied. “I do not need any apples, thank you” Snow White declared.

“But they are very beautiful and juicy” The evil stepmother said. “I’m not supposed to open the door to anyone” Snow White replied, not wanting to disobey the dwarfs order. “Such a lovely girl, since you have been listening to your friends you deserve a reward. Snow White opened the door just a little bit, to take the apple.

“Now isn’t that a nice apple?” The evil stepmother said. Snow White took one bite, and then fainted and fell to the ground. The stepmother laughed in an evil way. But as she ran back across the swamp, unfortunately as she ran she fell into quicksand. No one heard her cries , so she disappeared fast.   

The dwarfs had finished working, the sky was getting dark and thunder was coming towards them . They were worried about Snow White. So they ran all the way home as fast as they can.

They saw Snow White lying down still , pale and lifeless along with the poisoned apple by her side. They tried their best to let her breath, but there was no use.
They cried and cried for a long time. Then they laid her on a bed of rose petals, carried her into the forest and put her in a crystal coffin.

Each day they laid a flower there. Until one evening, they discovered a strange man admiring Snow White’s lovely face through glass. After the dwarfs told the story , the “Prince” had an idea.

“ If you let me take her to the castle , I will call amazing doctors to awaken her from this peculiar sleep, she looks so lovely to kiss.” he did, and as by magic , the prince’ s kiss broke  the spell. To great surprise Snow White woke. She had amazingly come back to life. Now in love, the prince asked Snow White to marry him. And they lived happily ever after!

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