Monday, August 26, 2013

Snow White And The Beanstalk!

Snow White , was living happy and contented . She was living with Seven Dwarfs, in their small cottage. One morning, Snow White went to go buy some tissues for Sneezy Dwarf. " These tissues would be the perfect tissues for Sneezy " She suggested.

She handed the money  to the cashier. Suddenly she heard a little boy crying out, " Magical beans, buy your magical beans " " Beans? Magical Beans?" Snow White thought.  She walked to the little boy, selling the beans. " Hello, how much are those beans?" She questioned nervously . " They happen to be for free, majesty" The boy replied. 

" Well , why not? I'll have some magic beans please" She offered. Snow White went off , back to the small cottage. "Did you get my tissues? Achoo!" said Sneezy . " No, sorry, but I got these magical beans, from a little boy" She replied , staring at the magical beans , wonderfully!

" A boy, what boy? Don't ever buy anything from a little boy , their really naughty most of the time!" said  Grumpy Dwarf.  " So? we're like little boys " said Dopey. "Yeah, except we're little 'Men' "  
"Well I am so sorry, I didn't mean to get them but it was for free, I couldn't help it" explained Snow White.

Snow White was worried. " Don't be sad,  Snow White, maybe we should go plant these beans, they do look sweet! " Offered Happy Dwarf. "LET'S GIVE IT A TRY!" Said the Dwarfs. Snow White and the Dwarfs scurried to the yard. 

"Now, we need to be careful with these beans or else we will be in trouble and hurt" Warned Snow White.  Happy Dwarf carefully digged through the ground , while Snow White carefully placed them. They covered it and poured some water with a water can.

The next morning, Snow White woke up in excitement hoping to see a full grown plant. " Wake up, wake up , let's go check out the plant, let's go!" She chuckled. The Dwarfs and Snow White went outside, and saw a Huge Candy Beanstalk. " Let's go for a hike! " Suggested Bashful Dwarf. " A hike? we're still in our pyjamas's, what a great idea. " Agreed Dopey Dwarf. " Haha, we need to get out of our pyjama's though, hehe" Snow White chuckled. 

They got out of their sleepy pyjama's , and on they went out the door! "Okay who's going first?" Bashful Dwarf asked. To be continued . . . .

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