Monday, August 26, 2013

Cross Country!

" I have some serious butterflies in my stomach "  One of my friends said.  " I don't , and that's a fact " I lied , with shivers running up my spine. I wiped away  bits of hair from my face and saw a clear view of children crossing the finish line. I looked around, but to see only the 11 yr old's left on the court.  " Arrrggghhh, I knew I shouldn't have come to school!" I thought to myself. The sun started getting hotter and hotter . One drip of sweat streamed down my forehead. 

I was really sure that people went to the toilet on purpose,  just to miss out their cross country run.  I tried that, but the smell had just shooed me away! Looking outside , I 'still' saw the 11 year old's sitting outside , enjoying their time. While I was trying to get rid of all the butterflies in my tummy. Walking back to the courts , I was punching my stomach on the way.

A few minutes later . . . . . 

" Phine, we have to go run now" One of my friends said as she prodded me with her shoulder. " I think I'd rather throw up on my shoes than rather go for a run! " I claimed in my thoughts.  We walked across the field to get to the start line. Mr. Burt instructed us with all the rules that was needed to know.  

" On your marks . . . " I'm so not ready  "Get Set" Please let it rain . .  " Go!" Oh here we go again. I sprinted as fast as I could to catch up with the others. Oh no! I could feel the mud on  while running on the farm , it was squishy and yucky! I jogged past some people passing out and some walking on purpose. Finally , I was running through the reserve! I ran past Miss King , past Mr. Marks and past a Tamaki College student. They were really caring, the helped us not to stop and helped us to keep all the running up!! 

I was then coming second place and obviously Asena was coming first!  I tried to lower down my breath, I couldn't help it but stop for a while, and that is  what I regret! Turning around  I saw Keis and a few other catching up. So, I went for a little baby-step sprint .  I was almost at the finish line, until suddenly I ended up coming 6th.

Overall , cross country was superb! It was really cool almost watching myself run and not stop. It was a great opportunity getting to see others reach their goal! 

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