Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Reflection

Gold, Diamonds and Pearls. Of course they are the most precious things in the world , as others  define it! Netbook, Chromebooks, Ipads and Imacs have a million words to define it. In 2013 , more things have been looked forward to! Such as camp, tests, interviews and even working on our netbooks. Febuary the 4th marked the first day of school in 2013 and I of course knew that lot’s of thing were coming our way. No homework, Games every day and hardly learning. Thats so not what I had  expected.. The most things I was expecting this year was becoming an Ambassador! No lie, it was the most proudestt feeling this year. Travelling to Wellington and speaking to the IRD , was really scary and easy at the same time. I love being an Ambassador for my school because I think that you will always get a proud feeling!

Getting to work in a class with almost 100 students was the best highlight of the year! It has been a great progress working with different teachers in a certain time every 5 days. Like Mr Burt said ‘ Better Together! ‘ . In extension , we have also been working Better Together throughout making movies, writing scripts and for covering on P.E.N.N! All though we have had some rough times , the most difficult time in extension was having to miss out on making Labour Day Pizzas! Fortunately we got to write about it. It was amazing getting to learn about the history behind it!

To be continued . .  

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