Thursday, October 2, 2014

Election 2014

This year is election year.  Which means people living in New Zealand, get a chance to make a decision on how New Zealand can change. If you walk around places like Mount Wellington or Panmure you will notice many people holding up signs of certain parties to show support. To be honest, this years elections has offered some very great policies!

Nationals Policies:

  • National has decided to generate new jobs for people. I think this is the best policy national has provided. Due to people who are looking for jobs and people who are not getting paid much. I absolutely agree with what national had said about this.  

  • Children under 13 get a free doctors visit. This gives a great opportunity for families that don’t get paid much money on a weekly basis.  To me, I think national has done a great job with the age standard. But I also think that we should also give free treatments too, like medicine. Since many serious treatments can be very expensive.

  • National has decided to extend paid parental leaves for parents who are in their first year of a childs life for up to 18 weeks. Getting paid while absent due to parental leave is great. Because this gives the time for parents to buy enough clothes and food for the babies next few years to come!  

  • Giving children $350m dollars for student achievement.  

   Labour's Policy:

  • Labour will provide $60 for most families in the first year of a childs life.  This policy is similar to Nationals policy. This is great chance for poor families to finally get food on the table and buy clothing and footwear for their child. 

  • Labour will grow free early childhood education to 25 hours a week.
  • Labour will provide more plunket visits for families that need it most. This is one of the greatest policies “ labour “ has suggested! Its telling me that many sick children or babies are not getting enough treatments for their health due to less money.

  • Labour - “ and to leave more money in your pocket to pay the monthly bills, Labours NZ power policy will reduce your power bill by preventing power companies from overcharging “ To me, labour is saying that they will make power bill prices more smaller. And also stop power companies from overcharging.

Fortunately National has won  this years election and John Key is looking forward to making a change around New Zealand.  Most certain parties have been very outstanding throughout the votes coming in. I think that New Zealand should be put in a better position for the next three years.  Recently, my dad took his vote at Point England School. I was hoping he’d vote for the party I supported. Turned out, that he voted for the party I wasn’t really feeling.  

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