Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 4

Immersion Assemblies are a great way to start off the term. Every beginning of the term, Point England School get to have an assembly related to the topic. This term our topic is “ Art Attack “ . This means we are focusing on Art and different artists too. During Immersion Assemblies each team provides an item/movie that is related to the topic. Teachers often wear different costumes and wigs as part of their item.

To start off the Assembly we had Team 1 show their item 1st. Watching Team 1’s item, I could see that they were going to learn about the beach and environment. They are going to use nature to inspire their art. Looking closely, I saw the team 1 teachers were wearing beach related clothes. Team 1 was very lucky to hear good news that they were going to the beach as part of their learning.

Moving on to Team 2, they did a movie based on the Primary Colours ( Red, Blue and yellow ) Listening carefully, I captured the idea that they were learning about mixing and colours too. Miss She, Mrs Glaze and Mrs Dwyer dressed up in different colours to add to their item.  Team 3 than did a item based on different artists such as Andy Warhol, Da Vinci  and  other artists too.         

Team 4 decided to create a competition of who the best artist was. There was Vincent Van Gogh, Fatu Feu’u, Monet and more. Firstly Mrs Garden, interviewed the artists one by one. Listening to the contestants, I discovered what kind of art they drew, their name and what they like. At that, I knew that Team 4 was learning about different types of art and artist.

Team 5 got up on the stage wearing really artistic clothing. Even French hats. I had no idea of what we were focusing on. The teachers then started to sketch with paint. I still had no idea. When their item almost came to end, they turned their piece of art the right way. I could see it was a self portrait of Mr Jacobson, Mr Burt and Mrs Jarman. I was really amazed!

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