Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How To Prevent Ebola

Ebola is a very severe virus. A victim who has Ebola is most commonly known to bleed inside and outside of their bodies. Ebola was first generated in Sudan which is located in Northern Africa. This disease can be found in Africa, with a few in Europe and United States. Here a 3 ways to prevent from this certain disease.

 #1 Avoid going to places or countries that have caught Ebola 

Ebola was recently found in Australia, after a nurse had come from treating people in west Africa. A Dallas nurse, aged 26 years old is now known as the first person to get infected with Ebola from a infected human on U.S soil. If you don't know which countries Ebola has been reported in, check Google or look out for the news or even ask an adult.

#2 Avoid going near people who have been infected 

If the person looks really ill, stay away from the victim. When going near a person with Ebola, it could easily be passed on. Wearing protective gear is very recommendable, ' if ' you have to go near someone with ebola to help them.  Try not to eat from the same bowl or plate or else you could get infected by the bacteria.

#3 Do NOT eat wild caught bush meat 

Investigators have been curious that ebola came to humans via animals. If your in an area where ebola has been reported in, prevent buying, eating wild food to stay on the safe side.

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