Monday, November 3, 2014

Museum Trip

Sitting at the back of the bus, I couldn't wait to go to the Museum. The Yr 7's were fortunate enough to go and ponder the Moari Cultral art like flaxing and the Marae too, also other things.  I was most looking forward to going to the Volcanic Eruption section at the Museum. 

 That was my favorite! Especially the musical Volcano Rocks. Going into the museum, I could see different types of flaxes used to make kits, hats and mats. Our task was to re-draw the flax on a piece of paper. Looking around I could see different patterned ones too. I was really inspired by the way the flax was plaited and created. 

Walking into the Moari Marae I was really mostly inspired by the Tiki's crafted on the walls of the Marae. I quickly grabbed my paper and started to draw the different patterns engraved on the wall. Many National Visitors from different parts of the world were at the museum. I could see that they were very interested in the art of the Marae. 

Going outside the Marae, I could see a throng around something. Pushing my way through, I could see something un-usual. There was a little note on it. I quickly read through it and saw it was for washing your hands, due to showing respect when you leave the Moari section of the museum. 

Moving on we stopped by the pacific art centre. I looked at different models of art and started drawing them quietly. My group was mostly looking at the pacific art clothing and began drawing them. I was really inspired by the color's of it. 

Overall our trip to the Auckland Museum was really a m a z i n g! I was really inspired by the cultural art and crafts that I saw. I do hope the Year 7's next year get the same experience as us. 

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