Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Cousins 21st

Sighing heavily I laid my bag down on the couch. I took another breath and made my way to the kitchen. I was really tired. Than the thought came into my mind of my cousins birthday. October 31st marked the day of my cousin Athena Schusters Birthday.  

I laid my head to rest. 4:35 was the time and I had to get ready at 5:00. Getting up lazily, I took a shower and got ready. A 21st was one of my favorite celebrations. If you looked around my house you could  obviously see a lot of mess around.

I was wearing heels and there was a lot of stuff in the car, so I had a little space only. So I quickly changed my shoes. As we got there, I stayed in the car for a bit. A few hours later  I got outside and  was talking to my aunties.

Not that many people were there yet. As I walked into the hall, I saw lots of family especially my grandpa. As the party started I sat next to my grandpa who was sitting by himself.  

The sky was getting darker and I was still enjoying it , especially the bar.   The food was really delicious! Than people started performing some items. As I stood there , I was really amazed by different performances people were performing .  

I looked to the side and saw my grandpa completely  drunk . He was on his way home and luckily my Aunt was with him.  The clock struck 12:00 am and the party was non-stop still going! It was like there was no end. The room was starting to get stuffy and hot.

Overall the night was really amazing. My dad and I went home really tired while the rest of my family was still partying hard. My cousins birthday was really great! It was really a night to remember of course!

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