Sunday, November 2, 2014


  • Falaniko Tominiko’s parents were really worried about the pain he would endure during the process of getting his tattoo
  • When you get your tatau, it is not a sign of  ‘ popularity ‘  and it is not used to show off. The tatau is a symbol of bravery and service
  • If a man could not endure the pain of getting a tatau, his life will be incomplete and he will bring shame to his family and to himself.
  • It is highly reccomended that you have someone to get a tatau at the same

Tatau is a traditional samoan tattoo. When getting a Tatau it can only be tattooed by two families Suluape and Su’a. The extension group have been looking at how the Tatau was developed, the essentials and more. When getting a Tatau you will need to ask permission from your parents first. Not only that, but you will need to be brave enough too.

Because if you can’t endure the pain of getting the tatau, you will bring shame to your family and to yourself too. It is highly recommended to get your tattoo the same time as someone.  Like your family, for support. When you get a tatau it is not a sign of being famous or to show off, the tatau is a high symbol of  bravery  and service. One of the families who do the tatau which was suluape , thought it would be selfish if only two families could do it. So they are teaching someone from Safotu of how to do the tatau.

When you get a tatau you don’t get it from  an ink machine. The samoan tattoo artists use boar teeth to do the tatau . All though after using it, you would have to wash it or else the next person getting the tatau will get infected.  The tatau takes a few months to complete. After the progress of finishing the tatau, an egg will be cracked on the persons head which is the lifting of the tapu.

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