Friday, May 23, 2014


Have you ever wondered what parts of the guitar are there? Or how it makes sound? Well, you are in good luck! Because I’m going to tell you about those things. Did I mention, that there are all types of guitars?

When playing a guitar you will notice six strings. The six strings are stuck to the bridge of the guitar. Those are the parts that you strum. Every guitar needs a fretboard! A fretboard is the long thing stuck to the board of the guitar. A sound hole supports the guitar by  making the sound louder and clear.

How can I hear the sound of a guitar? When strumming a guitar the string vibrates which makes sound waves. The waves go through the hole of the guitar and bounces of the wooden part  of the guitar. Which causes the sound waves to go into our ear.

There are a variety of songs you can play on the guitar! But sometimes it takes practice. Did you know that guitars have 2341 playable chords? Thats surely a lot!

In acoustic songs one of the main instruments are the guitar. That’s why guitars are one of the greatest instruments invented! I would surely recommend this instrument to everyone who has not yet discovered the guitar! I’m sure that the guitar is the most inspiring instruments.

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