Friday, May 9, 2014

If we lived in total silence

Imagine if we lived in a world without sound. Wouldn’t that be awkward? Not laughing with others. Having to live in a silent atmosphere? It would just be unnatural too. Why? Because our environment would become more dangerous.

If we lived in total silence, we wouldn’t be here at school! Because when we come here we wouldn’t have anybody to talk to, not even a teacher to teach us. Without the ability to hear, there wouldn’t be a word such as ‘talking’, or ‘noise’ and to me those are two important words. Living in a muted world, would be hard too. We wouldn’t be learning how to speak or sing, because in order to learn we have to ‘hear’.   

Right now , we are very lucky to have a special gift! That special gift is to hear. The sounds I hear at school are sometimes annoying and are sometimes ok. I really enjoy listening to music at school, because it pushes myself to write more or read more. Not only do I enjoy music, but I also enjoy the sound of heels tapping on the concrete. Why? it makes me feel calm a lot. I really dislike the sound of people smacking their lips! I find it really annoying.

I’m sure that many people will get injured in the next few months, if we all lived in silence. Why? These days our roads can be very dangerous, due to busy traffic. Many people could get injured if they couldn’t hear car’s coming, trains or motorcycles.

Sound is very important, it keeps us safe, it entertains us and helps us. Some people are not blessed with the gift of hearing, but we can help them be safe. Living in muted world would be difficult. We are very lucky and thankful for the gift of hearing!

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