Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Term 2 Assembly

Every start of the term , each team of teachers perform an item related to our topic! What is our topic this term? Our topic is ‘ I like to move it ‘ . I didn’t have any idea of what our topic meant. But watching other performances I captured the idea of what it means. We are learning on how things move or work like boats, light and sound. I looked around the hall , only to see balloons everywhere! There was even balloons , hanging down on the ceiling!

As always, we started our Assembly with a karakia to bless us through the rest of the term. I sat impatiently waiting for team 1’s item. After the karakia , Mr. Burt showed us a picture of a house. He said  that ‘ This house was a very special house’. After that, he showed a picture of the house floating! A few moments later we counted how many balloons can make a small taxi fly and it was 16! 16! I was amazed. Finally, team 1 was ready to do their thing! They started off their item with a movie. The movie was mainly about animals at the zoo and what they eat. Mz   george came out with great news for team 1. She says that they will be going to the zoo , tomorrow! I thought that was really quick!

The next item was team two, their main focus is on how planes work. Miss Eadie and Miss Dwires was dressed as planes while on the other hand, Miss She was a fairy and Mrs Glaze was a pilot. They did a little dance as their item. The next team was team 3! They were focusing on speed of light and it was one of my favorites. Because they used the characters as their demonstration it was hilarious!

Team 4’s item was about how boats float and why it floats! I was truly amazed by the facts that I didn’t know. Then they got up and asked a few questions from the film that was previously played. Who ever got an answer right gets a chocolate fish! Then team 5 did their item which was related to music. They made their own instruments and played it individually , then they played a movie showing a music video which was really cool to watch!

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