Friday, May 16, 2014

Music and Sound Affects

Music is one of the greatest things invented! There are all types of music , Pop, Hip hop, Rock , Soul and more. No matter how great music is, they still can be dangerous. Why? When the sound of music is too loud, it can cause damage to your ears and you might lose the sense of hearing. That is why we need to be careful around some objects such as headphones. If you're listening to music through headphones and it is really loud, lower it down because it can damage your eardrums!

To me , there can never be music without amazing artists/composers! Now, there are different artists all over the world. Such as, Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, Will.IAm and lots more. If I could choose one of the best legendary singers, it would have to be Beyonce. She started from the group Destiny's child and became solo. Lot’s of these artists write their songs through personal experiences, and thats what inspires me to listen to their songs.

How is music made? Music is made with a variety of things. Guitars, Piano, Drums, and even Bongos and more. You can even make your own instruments too. Instruments make sound by developing vibrations and it turns into sound waves which go through your ear drum! Did you know that the first instrument invented was the flute? Did I mention that instruments, have different types. Like the electric guitar and electric piano.

Have you ever wondered how you remember songs that you’ve recently listened to? There is a part in your brain called hippocampus , so when you’re listening to a song The hippocampus performs an essential role in your brain. Searching the internet, I found some really interesting facts about hippocampus. I heard it is actually shaped like a horseshoe around you brain.

What would would earth be like ‘without’ music? It would be really frustrating living a life without music. Because music is one of the most things in the world that has inspired me. If there was no music, people wouldn’t be singing, we also wouldn’t be singing the national anthem as well! That is why, to me, music is important.

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