Monday, May 26, 2014

Science Roadshow

Isn’t it fun discovering interesting stuff you never knew before? Like how food digests through your body? or how much urine you develop in a day? Friday morning, class 2 along with class 5 walked to Tamaki College to the science roadshow. Waiting outside of the foya, I was very eager to see different experiments in the hall.

As we went inside the Tamaki Hall, I could see different sets of science experiments all around the hall. During the show, one of the teachers grabbed 3 volunteers. The first volunteer, was Emmanuele and she had to blow through a tube to see how much air is in her lungs. I surely expected lots of air but, in reality there wasn’t enough! As she blew through the tube, the  colour of the water started to change! That was surely amazing. Then the second volunteer was Anthony! The big question was how tall will he be when he’s 20? How did they find out?   They installed an app called size me up. And Anthony was about to be the same height as Mrs Lagitupu when he is 20!

A few minutes later we got try out the differents things around the hall. The first thing I tried was an interesting one. I had to grab letter magnets that spell my name. And then I gave it to a TC student to mould it. It was really cool. One of my favorites was the ‘foot piano’ instead of playing the piano with your hands, you could play it with your feet! It was fun.

Overall science roadshow was really interesting and fun at the same time. I got to find out lots of facts about our body and the environment! I wish that we could have another chance next year trying out the roadshow!

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